Professional Test Fixture Maintenance Ensures Premium Performance

Everett Charles Technologies offers Test Fixture Maintenance Guide

Everett Charles Technologies’ (ECT) offers a detailed maintenance guide for both ICT and FCT fixtures and probes, which provides best practice techniques and processes. Maintaining the test fixture at optimum levels ensures the best test performance.

Production environments can have a direct impact on the performance of test fixtures and test equipment. Test environment is a large contributor to probe contamination due to flux coated test points on the PCB, nearby wave soldering machines, or even shop floor dust and dirt. High volume production and extended life production runs expose the fixtures to increasing stress and wear, and have driven the need for appropriate fixture maintenance. A test fixture is a precision measuring device that needs to be maintained at optimum levels to gain the best test possible.

In order to maximize the life of ECT, Ostby Barton, and Pylon test probes, ECT offers this compendium of recommended guidelines and cleaning procedures.

Thomas Merline, Director of North America Sales, explains: “Our highly skilled fixture and probe engineers have developed a detailed maintenance guide. It summarizes our best practices from decades of experience. Applying these processes our customers will benefit from extended life of their test equipment continued proper and consistent functioning and accurate test results during production testing.”

ECT’s Test Fixture Maintenance Guide can be applied for all ECT ICT and FCT fixtures. To learn more, please visit: