Customized In-Circuit Test Fixtures

Customized fixtures are designed and manufactured at our facility in Hungary. Using your PCBA CAD data and our fixture design software we are able to automate many design steps, such as finger placement, probe tip assignment, component pocket machining and board stress management. Our automated processes and software are tuned to protect your PCBA from damage during normal fixture use. The result is an efficient, accurate and reliable design, which will, in turn, provide a fixture of exacting characteristics.

We provide customized test fixtures for the following ICT platforms:

  • Keysight 3070 (offline & inline)
  • Teradyne TSH (inline handler)
  • Teradyne TSO (offline)
  • Teradyne test station 12x (offline)
  • Teradyne test station SE (spectrum edition)
  • Digital Test Sigma MTS300
  • Aeroflex 42xx & 58xx
  • Legacy Teradyne 18xx, GenRad and innovate platforms

Should you be interested in our customized In-Circuit test fixtures please contact your local ECT FSG sales representative. For an accurate quotation, please prepared to have the following available:

  • Fixture Files
  • ASCII CAD data
  • PCBA Bill of materials (BOM)

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