ECT Fixture Press Adapter: A Major Step towards Automation, Ease of Handling, Reliability and Cost Reduction

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) recently introduced the new ECT Fixture Press Adapter for in-circuit testing, which utilizes the well-established ECT VG interface to offer a standardized module in the PCBA test setup. Complexity of the fixtures is reduced leading to significant benefits in cost, lead time and reliability, as well as to reductions of the fixtures weight and size. Additionally, the ECT Fixture Press Adapter requires less operator effort.

The Fixture Press Adapter allows for separating the actuation hardware from the core functions of the fixture. The actuation is taken over by the Fixture Press Adapter, which can receive the exchangeable fixtures. The fixture itself can be designed fully dedicated to the actual test without components for actuation. The reduced complexity of the fixture substantially lowers the fixture cost and shortens the lead time. Additionally, the lowered weight and the smaller fixture size provide enhanced ease of operation and reduce the space requirements for storing.

The Fixture Press Adapter is placed onto an existing ICT machine. Inside the adapter, internal connections remap the ICT test interface to the ECT VG 12 block VG (Pylon) interface. Since the adapter has a built-in linear pneumatic press, cassette type fixtures can be quickly loaded into the system for board test. Loading the upper and lower cassette items takes less than 15 seconds.

The ECT Fixture Press Adapter supports PCBAs up to 400 mm x 210 mm and a maximum cylinder travel of 250 mm with an operational speed of 1 to 1.1 seconds. The ECT Fixture Press Adapter is able to deliver a force of up to 8700 N, which corresponds to compressing 3150 8oz probes.

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